Somebody’s cellphone was going off in the middle of my exam. That annoying vibrating sound originating from the bottom of a bag somewhere. Rhythmic. Repeating. Bzzz. Scratching at the back of my mind, raising my annoyance level with every vibration. Bzzz. And apparently, I was the only one who could hear it. Nobody was reaching to stop it. Bzzz. I looked desperately to my professor at the front of the lecture hall, who seemed oblivious to the wretched sound. Bzzz. Ugh. I glanced around the class irritated, but nobody made eye contact with me. Everybody else in the class was sitting silently, eyes glued to their booklets, filling in the little circles of their Scantron sheets. Like I should have been. Bzzz. But it was nearly impossible.


6 thoughts on “The Annoyance

  1. Things tug at us, persuade us to be more alert and more focused. The Lord above wants His children to be awake, alert and watchful as most humans drift and sleep away their days.
    I pray for God’s best in your special life. Thank you.

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