Troy and I lightly jogged across the parking lot, anxious to get into the car. It was freezing outside. We swung open the doors to his BMW which was already beginning to heat up, thanks to his automatic car starter and jumped inside. I instantly felt the relieving heat on my back and upper thighs through his leather seats.

“Mmm,” I murmured as I rubbed my hands together before sliding them beneath my bum for more heat. “Is there anything better than heated seats?”

“No, they’re the best,” Troy agreed, pressing back into his own seat. “They’re almost as good as a heated steering wheel.”

I blinked twice. “A heated what?”

“Steering wheel,” Troy grinned. “Check it out.”

He reached across the center console and pulled my left arm away from its heat. The steering wheel was warm! Whoa. I had no idea that was even a possible feature on a car. I had never heard of it.

“Silly rich boy,” I thought condescendingly, “nobody actually needs a heated steering wheel.”

The next morning it had snowed again. In minus 30 degrees, I brushed the snow off of my car while it heated up. The moisture penetrated through my flimsy gloves so quickly, they were almost frozen stiff. Shivering, I entered my car and rejoiced in the heat from the seat. I put my fingers on the wheel, and it was ice cold. I could barely wrap my fingers around it! How did I ever drive like this? Stupid regular steering wheel.

I spent my entire commute wishing I owned something that I didn’t even know existed less than 24 hours ago.


23 thoughts on “The Steering Wheel

  1. You might want to add the READ MORE at the end, some people don’t realize your story continues. I have a friend who couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment since this box doesn’t show until you click the post title. Good story!

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  2. I have never been in weather that cold as you have, but just getting any cold sends me into spasms since I have Reynauld’s Syndrome, which affects the limbs something awful when it gets cold. I often work with the preschoolers or kinders, and sometimes the parents send them off to school with no coat or mittens, and I have many times given over my own so that when we crossed the courtyard to the cafeteria, a child would not be suffering. Sometimes we have extra clothing in the classrooms and we can use that, which is always a good thing when we do. But I always feel bad for the child, and am hesitant to ask the parent why his or her child doesn’t have proper clothing as some of them are truly poor, and I don’t want to embarrass them. But it must be nice to have a warm steering wheel for sure. I often carry those packages of hand warmers that come alive when you rub them – they have some kind of fluid or something inside to make them warm.

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    1. Oh wow, that’s pretty sad about kids who don’t have the proper clothing. I’m pretty sure around here, it’s mandatory that the parents provide indoor and outdoor clothes and shoes and boots, and even a change of clothes in case they get wet. For the youngest grades, I’ve worked in schools with washers and dryers in case their little socks got too wet, and they didn’t have a backup.

      Thanks for stopping by 😊


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