On a lazy Sunday afternoon, my black cat lay belly-up on the end of our red couch, his front paws suspended upwards toward the ceiling, a blank look in his eye. On the other side of the couch, I lay in much the same position, only clutched between my paws I held my iPhone. I was scrolling mindlessly through my social media accounts, when I received a new e-mail.

An online furniture store was have a 70% blowout sale. Nice! I had furniture and arguably, I didn’t need new furniture, but I always loved to look. I clicked into the ad in the e-mail and began to scroll around. Virtual window shopping from the comfort of my couch, mentally refurnishing my apartment with my nonexistent money.

A 7-piece dining set caught my attention. I didn’t love the dining set. The colours didn’t really match my decor. What really stood out to me was the absurd price it was listed at. $199 CAD. For a 7-piece dining set! It was unheard of. I knew furniture prices, I skulked around this furniture website a lot on lazy Sundays. Sometimes even one of the chairs in the set could cost that amount.

I figured it must be a typo. So just in case, I decided to put it into my virtual cart. I figured it could be a glitch and once inside, the real price would appear. Then I could remove it and continue exploring the site’s sale.

The price stayed the same once inside my cart. $199. So I decided to proceed to the checkout price. Surely, the real price would appear when it was time to pay for the damn thing, I thought.

But I was wrong. The price didn’t change. 7-piece dining set, $199. By now, I was deep into this game of chicken with website, and I wasn’t going to lose. I couldn’t. I had a secret advantage. The credit card I had linked to this site had been blocked earlier in the week because someone had attempted fraud on it. The bank had alerted me, frozen my account, and sent out a new card that would arrive the following week. So even if I tried to buy the set, it wouldn’t go through. My old card number was blocked.

I pushed the button to finalize my purchase. The little processing icon came up on my phone screen. It spun around a few times more than usual. I thought for sure I had won. But instead of the error message I expected to receive, the page changed. A green banner appeared at the top of the website confirming my purchase. My phone buzzed as it received the confirmation e-mail. Slowly, I sat up. My cat took it as an invitation to curl into my lap. How had I just purchased this dining set?!

The receipt in my e-mail explained that I had purchased the set through PayPal. I couldn’t even remember the last time I used PayPal. Shit. What cards did I have linked to my PayPal account?

“Ant..” I asked my boyfriend warily. “Does your credit card end in 1119?”


My breathing got faster, and I jumped to my feet. My cat weaved himself through my legs. I texted my mom, “does your credit card end in 1119?”

“Let me check,” she replied almost instantly. I breathed a sigh of relief. Of course it was her credit card. It had to be. She asked me to buy stuff for her online all the time.

“Not mine,” she replied a few minutes later.

That’s when I really began to panic. Whose credit card had I just bought a ridiculously cheap 7-piece dining set on?! Pacing around my living room, I tried to dig deeper into PayPal. I couldn’t find the name associated with the card, but I did find the address. When I opened it, I felt sick to my stomach. I collapsed backwards onto my couch. Startled, my cat scurried away down the hall.

My new dining set had been purchased on my exboyfriend’s credit card.


39 thoughts on “The Dining Set

  1. Alexis, I love your writing style, especiallly how you built the suspense. And the Ex should be fuming now since your next step would be to post a pic of you sitting in the lap of your cuurent boyfriend on the same dining table, posted on social media you share with your Ex. πŸ™‚

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    1. I did not get a 7 piece dining set. I scrambled to cancel the order, e-mailed him a heads up, and lost my chance. The next day, the dining set was priced over $700.

      Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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    1. Me too! In a different time, we could have both doubled over laughing about it. Unfortunately, we’re no longer on friendly terms, so I guess I will never find out.

      Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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