Butterflies. What a beautiful expression to describe the waves of nausea coursing through my stomach right now. The flicker of anxiety reaching up to my heart and causing this insomnia. My whole body is tingling with this nervous anticipation. How sweet it is to liken this horrible feeling to majestic butterflies. Of course, if tomorrow morning I were to succumb to these creatures, before my first day at my new job, they would lead me straight to a toilet in an attempt to expel the aforementioned butterflies. That wouldn’t quite be so beautiful.

This summer I went to the beach with my best friend. She said that all month, she’d been followed by these orange butterflies. One flew right into her face. We saw at least five more orange butterflies that same day.

She looked it up later that day and found that orange butterflies symbolize positivity. So every time we see an orange butterfly, we’re supposed to stay positive. Or positive things will come. They’re a good sign. Good vibes. We’ve been sending each other pictures of orange butterflies all summer. I see at least two per day now.

I looked it up to see if Leafton was having an infestation of orange butterflies. Maybe that could explain the incredible amounts of orange butterflies around. Maybe I’m not so good at thinking and being positive. Turns out, we’re not having an orange butterfly infestation. London is, but we’re miles and miles away from London. No, these orange butterflies actually are the incarnation of positivity, meant just for us.

And now they’re in my tummy. Refusing to let me sleep. Because good things are coming. I can feel them.


25 thoughts on “The Butterflies

  1. HI, Alexis! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post – Serious falls are a health risk for folks UNDER 65. I am enjoying my visit to yours. As I live in Chicago, I have never seen an orange butterfly, although I think I am still positive. Have a great weekend!

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