On the Wednesday I met my manager for a quick meeting at a coffee house. The place was crowded, but we found some seats near the windows. We pulled out our laptops and talked business.

On the Thursday I went to work at the largest university in my territory. I met with five separate professors in their offices and shook all their hands both when I arrived and when I left.

On the Friday I visited a college. I met with three more professors. I had a short break in my day when I grabbed lunch in the crowded cafeteria, cutting my own pizza, then handing the cutter directly to the girl waiting in line behind me. I sat at a table with several students, so close I could hear their laptops. Then I had coffee with a professor and hugged her goodbye.

That evening I went to a pub with a ton of people from work. We cheersed our beers and shared nachos with dip. Then we went to another pub, which was much smaller and much more crowded. We squeezed about 10 people into a table for 6, really cozying up to each other. We tasted each other’s cocktails. Then we took the bus home, holding onto the hand rails.

On the Saturday we went to a friend’s house. We drank and slept over. One of our friends had a cough.

On the Sunday we went emergency grocery shopping. We bought water and toilet paper and meat to freeze.

On the Monday the world shut down.


42 thoughts on “The Days Before

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    I was about to unfollow this blog after reading such a boring post but gave myself a minute to think. Damnit! she’s talking about how “pandemic” struck and changed our lives for good. I think I am having unnecessary urge to cut on my reading sources.

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