I’m driving. A red corvette through a sandy dessert expanse that I’ve never visited before. On my left are jagged copper cliffs. I miss the sharp turn and suddenly my car has flown through the guardrail. For a second, I’m suspended in midair, looking down at the dunes below me. Then I realize that I’m going to crash. I open my eyes, and I’m safe beneath my covers. 

I’m speeding recklessly through city streets. I tear through a yellow light without thinking. I can’t seem to slow down my car. I slam on the brakes when I see stopped traffic up ahead, but the car pulls forward even faster. I smash into the back of an old taxicab. I jolt up in my bed. 

I’m on a highway surrounded by greenery. Trees and shrubs and open air. All four windows are down. Everything is beautiful. Except for that flat grey wall at the end of the road. I swerve around it onto some tracks, just in time to see a train hurtling toward me. I awake with a scream. 

For weeks, I had these recurring car accident dreams. They kept happening. My morning and evening commutes never seemed to be enough, my subconscious wanted in on my driving time too. 

Then one fateful morning, toward the end of December, it really happened. I decided to turn around on my commute and head back home because the snow was coming down too hard, the roads were sleek white obstacle courses. It wasn’t worth it to drive into the city. It was too dangerous. I was inching up a hill when a vehicle pulled into my lane on the other side to avoid a stalled car. We didn’t see the other was coming until we nearly collided head on. I veered right to avoid him, and ended up barrelling down a rocky hill covered in snow. My car was totalled. My dreams came true. 

My life has changed significantly since that day. And the dreams have stopped.


26 thoughts on “The Reccurence

  1. How frightening. Hope you have recovered from any injuries and didn’t get hurt badly. Sorry about the totaled car. I’ve had a car totaled before in a much less scary crash and it’s a bummer to deal with and replace your vehicle with another one.

    Dreams often have messages. Sadly, even though you tried to avoid the outcome, it happened anyway.

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  2. Those dreams were definitely premonitions of what eventually happened, and that’s frightening! I have fears of getting into a car accident, especially after experiencing a few minor ones last year. Thankfully, you didn’t get badly hurt from what actually occurred, as you lived to tell the tale. Definitely count your blessings, whew!

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  3. It just my opinion, but you may have be going through a face in your life that unconsciously was telling you were driving your life somewhat recklessly, and you needed to slow down and pay attention to issues you were not.
    I had an accident on the road very similar to yours, however never dreamed about it, however at the time I was doing a job that really was not for me, and the accident I suffered put an end to it. And not only that it ended a relationship as well, that seemed it was going nowhere.

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    1. I think you’re absolutely right! Thanks for sharing your story, as it is quite similar to mine. Indirectly, this accident also ended a relationship for me, and forced me to reevaluate where I was headed.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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