It manifests
In the blinked back tears
The dried blood around the cuticles
In the hushed voice
The averted eye contact

It manifests in little ways
A dimmed light 
An abandoned hope
A lost dream
An internal switch
A lack of energy while existing

It manifests and makes itself evident 
Despite the “I’m fines”
And reassurances 
Despite the polite smiles
And eager nods
Despite what everyone wants

It manifests
And you’re sad
And everyone can tell


***Disclaimer: I’m not sad now, but this poem was written when I was. I’m also not a poet, but this is how that particular brand of sadness seemed to manifest at the time.***

9 thoughts on “The Evidence

  1. I read this with my eyes and heart wide open, and it left me wondering if somehow I was overlooked for an Oscar award? When I have been at what I feel is my saddest, nobody noticed, but instead believed my “I’m okay”s and “I’m fine”s. What is your trick to getting people to notice that you aren’t despite your words to the contrary?

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  2. A different post from the short stories you write here…but I’m all for it! A sad one, for sure, but a hopeful explanation in the end. I’d be interested in reading more of your poems, if you ever were to mix it up a bit here!

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